heat transfer film


Papro Industries has fully integrated production facilities at Daman , In Phase 1 we have constructed 10000 square meters of factory on a sprawling land of 36500 square meters. With 25 years of experience in R&D, we have been able to acquire the knowledge & high tech manufacturing units that helps us print Innovative designs decorative labels. Highly skilled and experienced team and an organized production process, Papro is capable of working with you with complete control and confidentiality from product inception to the super market.
We are fully capable of providing the right solutions for your product from ideation till it reaches the consumer in shortest possible lead time.
We possess various production lines of different width to serve all kind of industries small scale to corporate giants. Max Print width of 1.00 meter at high speed and having to print 200,000 square meters capacity per day up to 14 colours in one pass.

  • 14-color printing machine with laminator.
  • Fully automatic 12 colour machine for multicolour printing.
  • 8-color photo gravure printing machine.
  • Fully automatic 1-color screen printing machine with dryer.
  • Metallizer.
  • Well equipped testing laboratories.
  • Solvent based & Solvent less lamination machines.
  • High end automatic slitting & doctoring machines.
  • Fully automatic heat transfer machine to inspect the quality of labels before dispatch.
  • In-house designing studio.
  • In-house research & packaging development department
  • Customer support cell
  • Multi-product range to provide a one stop solution for all packaging needs

Quality Assurance

Quality label printing isn’t only a set of technical standards, a program, a department or a lab facility (ours is excellent, by the way). When it’s your label, it becomes about your own brand’s integrity, and it gets personal.
We’re obsessed with every aspect of quality but color management is at its core. All color adjustments take place during the proofing stage so there is never a need for color adjustment on press. You get consistent, high quality.
Utmost care and strict, rigid quality controls ensure that raw-material / substrates /labels pass through rigorous tests in the in-house QC lab, ensuring perfect product performance.
Our ultra modern QC labs at each of our manufacturing locations, house the most up-to-date test equipment capable of carrying out all the relevant tests required to ensure that we fully conform to our client’s specifications. The QC labs, along with online quality control systems deployed on the production lines, ensure that the quality of the labels is impeccable and that they run most efficiently on the clients’ production and packing lines.