• Heat Transfer Labels made in India
    Glitter on HTL
  • HTL On Lunchbox & Bottles
  • HTL On Bathset
  • HTL On Casserole
  • HTL On Household
  • HTL On Interior Products
  • HTL On Lunchbox
  • Metalic Heat Transfer
  • HTL On Sippers
  • HTL On Lubricants
  • HTL On Oil Lubricants
  • HTL On Paint Pails
  • Pearlised HTL On Container
  • HTL On PET Bottles
  • HTL On Pearlised

Heat Transfer labels & Hot Stamping Foils


Heat transfer provides a seamless, aesthetic, “no-label” look while offering virtual 360 degree aplication. Hot stamping / Heat Transfer is a simple and pollution free dry printing process in which the colour pigment or metallic layer is transferred from a continuous spool of film to the object which has to be decorated. The transfer process is done by controlled heat and pressure via hot stamping or heat transfer machine. This technology is applicable to a variety of shapes and sizes of containers (from two ounces to five gallons) with extreme accuracy of label placement. Heat transfer affords greater adhesion and durability – even in high moisture environments. These labels are fully recyclable without removing them from the container. They are also squeeze and product resistant, light fast and have a high degree of ink opacity.

Advantages Of HTL & Strengths

  • The heat transfer method used is cost effective as compared to other traditional & modern printing processes, which enables Papro to apply multi-coloured pictures onto your products. Every tone of color & foil layer are meticulously matched to bring life to your product.
  • Scratch and water resistant; No secondary operation required for retail packaging.
  • Limited protection against duplication.
  • Non-removal of printed matter from the bottle.
  • Leaving no question about the durability, the registration problems will disappear with the transfer of a complete image in one single operation with strong adhesion.
  • Papro has the capability of printing up to 14 colours at one time on a maximum width of 1,000 mm, which is the marked as the leading international level.
  • Best photographic quality enables overall look of the product to be transfigured into something much more attractive, bellisimo, exquisite, with a sharper text.
  • Environment- friendly because they allow to obtain a mono component container which is therefore totally recyclable.
  • The process is simple and fast & can be easily transferred with help of a Heat Transfer Machine, enhancing value of the product.

Heat transfer printing surfaces & target audience

Heat Transfer Labels are widely printed on a variety of surfaces like Plastics that includes all polymer substrates such as PP, PS, PET, ABS, SAN, PC,PVC, PE, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS, GIPS, thermoplastics, wood, steel, metal, ceramics & even glass which are segmented & used in many industries such as Paints , Lubrication Oil Packaging, Household Products, Food Packaging, Cosmetic , Writing Instruments & Stationery, Arts and Crafts ,Toys, Fertilizers, Batteries, Agro-chemicals and other industry products. Papro world class decorative designs & labels are praised by customers at home and abroad , they are exported to worldwide to countries and regions of Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.