Applications Of IML

  • In Mold Labels
    IML on Metalic Colour
  • IML On Dinner Sets
  • IML on Labels
  • IML on Cabinet
  • IML on Food Packaging
  • IML on Furniture
  • IML On Dinner Sets
  • IML On Tables
  • IML on Cabinet
  • IML on Trays
  • Glitter IML
  • IML on Plastic Tables
  • IML on Dinner Sets
  • IML On Tables



Injection Mould Labelling is a process where the in-mould film is placed into the mould where pre-heated plastic is injected at high pressure when the mould opens, the container is ready and decorated with the label. The labels have substrates designed for different production conditions that can be used in all plastic processing systems. The label is perfectly integrated into the container, keeping the brilliance of print for life long. This can be done either manually or in automatic mode.

Advantages Of IML & Strengths

  • Papro has the capability to print up to 14 colours at one time on a maximum width of 1,000 mm, which is the international leading level.
  • Highest standards of printing quality and therefore better product and promotional presentation.
  • We offer also transparent substrates, with which the label and the container also have a visual integration, that's what we call the “No-Label Look”.
  • In-mould-labeling is a process where 5-side decoration of square and rectangular containers including the base is done.
  • It guarantees a perfect labelling result: No Glue residues, no wrinkles, no blisters, the label is perfectly stretched on the container, like a painting in its frame keeping all the brilliance of the print.
  • Cost-effective quickest possible change of the label design.
  • Environmentally friendly and easily recyclable as the container and label are made from one and the same material.
  • The labels are hygienically ideal for food products because it is environmentally friendly and easily recyclable.
  • Non-removal of printed matter from the bottle.
  • Limited protection against duplication.

IML Printing & target audience

At Papro we print a wide variety of IML from 18 micron to 110 micron ; single layer to three layers as per the customer’s need and considering the suitability of the product. The target audience that mainly use IML labels are manufacturers of Serving Trays, Dinner Sets, Paints , Oil / Lubricants, Household Products, Food Packaging, Personal Care Products (Shampoo/Detergents etc) Frozen Food Industry and High grade pharmaceuticals. Papro's world class decorative designs & labels are praised by customers at home and abroad , they are exported worldwide to countries and regions of Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.